“Objects have a life of their own - sometimes I can show this in paintings.”

Inspired by the work of British and New Zealand modernists, Melanie Mills creates beautiful still life images that seem to defy the confines of their frames.

Having received no formal training in the arts Mills' painting style is delightfully naive, eschewing traditional modes of representation in favour for an idiosyncratic, emergent approach toward depicting her subjects.

Mills' painting style being "technical challenged", as she puts it, allows her to work closely with her medium - rather than a master of the oils, directing exactly where they should sit, she works with and through the paints toward the final image. This approach allows an alluring depth of feeling to emerge from the works. As with the best niave art Mills creates a vision of what is felt rather than what is seen.

Mills finds inspiration in the work of British and New Zealand modernists - "their colourism, abstract forms, flatness and patterned surfaces". Mills similarly engages in the transformation of the visual world through her work.

Melanie Mills is a British national who emigrated to New Zealand in childhood. She is a self-taught artist who lives and works in Wellington, New Zealand. Her first solo show 'A Few Green Leaves' was a great success with her exhibition selling out before opening night.

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