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“I can not think of space without people, and people without space. ”

Susanne Kerr is involved with ideas of space. Her works use negative space as both a pictorial element and subject device - in her paintings the eye is drawn across a page attracted in equal parts by the of paintwork of incredible intricacy and the white areas that have been left untouched.

Kerr's images deal with themes of dichotomy, opposites are engaged - the innocuous and sinister, the hidden and revealed, fragility and strength, the twisted and humorous - Kerr delves unapologetically into the unresolved tensions of the human condition.

"I am intrigued and inspired by the physical and linguistic expressions that bind us to one another or keep us apart, and the spaces that are settings for or reminders of those interactions - spaces of crisis, deviance, exclusion, loss, love, confusion, and ignorance."

In 2012 Susanne Kerr completed her Residency as Waiheke Island Artist, which resulted in a new marvelous series.

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