Casey Moore


18 February - 5 April 2013

Casey Moore is a London-based photographer with a fascination for New Zealand subjects. Born in Invercargill, but raised from the age of three in Switzerland and later London, Moore has kept a narrative of reconnection with his homeland running through his work.

It started with stamps: Moore discovered that his great-grandfather was a renowned philatelist, who designed the now iconic kiwi stamp in 1935. A photographic series of New Zealand stamps from this ancestor's collection followed. In order to highlight the incredible craftmanship involved in the original genesis of the stamps, Moore was determined to find a way to capture these macro subjects on his large format camera - new territory for him to traverse.

To this end, he acquired an enlarger standing three metres tall, and built a darkroom to accommodate it. This enabled him to print as large as 1500 x 1000mm, using traditional silver gelatin paper and chemical baths. The size requires a very physical process of massaging the print through the chemicals in order to get an even outcome - and this physicality has since become integral to Moore's work.

In further exploration of his New Zealand connection, Moore was drawn to the British Natural History Museum to find some uniquely kiwi insects that, like himself, have found a home in London. A Giant Weta, a Puriri Moth, and a Giant Bush Dragonfly are just a few of the countless native New Zealand specimens that have been brought to the museum since the time of Captain Cook's voyages, and are now amongst the museum's collection of over 90 million foreign specimens.

Moore was able to photograph these three aging expats, still stuck to their boards with pins, and in a fitting twist their impressive portraits have come home to be shown in their native country.

FHE Project is proud to be showing Moore's first solo exhibition in New Zealand: Anostostomatidae (the scientific name for weta) ...and his associated friends.

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Casey Moore

Anostostimatidae and friends having their photos taken. from Casey Moore on Vimeo.

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