Ans Westra : Vintage Images


February 20 - March 22, 2012

Ans Westra's truly remarkable career spans over 50 years. Awarded an Arts Foundation Icon Award in 2007, Westra is one of New Zealand's most celebrated photographers. Much of her early work, produced for government publications, captures a time in New Zealand history that was marked by shifts and changes in the country's cultural character. Westra's photographs offer an honest record of what has characterised and continues to characterise New Zealand's social and cultural evolution. Ans Westra describes her intentions as:

"...wanting to observe life as it happened, without interrupting it as much as possible."

FHE PROJECT features a selection of Westra's vintage prints from the artist's personal collection. The photographs are a collection of quiet, unobtrusive observations from around New Zealand over the 1960s and 1970s.

As Peter Turner has commented on Ans Westra's work:

"I think Ans has message for us. Not always comfortable, but consistently powerful. I think it's a statement of love, exploration and adventure. Most of all it is a tale of communication and expectation - to a nation and to a medium which can express that belief in worth and human dignity ... she pictures what she has seen and trusts us to believe her"

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