Ann Robinson Emily Siddell Elizabeth McClure


March 4 - April 12, 2006

To coincide with the NZ Society of Artists in Glass Conference, three of New Zealand's most accomplished glass artists, each of whom has made a significant contribution to raising the profile of glass within the Applied Arts, will showcase work in a show entitled III.

Ann Robinson's work is represented in major collections, both private and public, around the world. She was selected as one of the inaugural recipients of the 2004 Arts Foundation of New Zealand Laureate Awards, and in May 2006 will be awarded the Lifetime Achievement Awards for her contribution to Contemporary Glass at the American Glass Conference in St Louis. Ann is world-renowned for producing magnificent cast glass works that are alive with colour, light, and constantly-changing mood.

Elizabeth McClure will exhibit blown glass from her ishii series. Reflecting the process of their making, these hollow stones evoke memories of time, place and relationship. This series is a continuum of the work Elizabeth created while living and exhibiting in Japan in the 1980s.

Emily Siddell's Falling Water pieces explore the language of her chosen material and the associations these materials have for the viewer. Having lived all her life in Auckland, Emily is constantly aware of the presence of the sea embracing the isthmus we live on. Threaded with rivers and waterfalls, this environment has inspired works which combine the glistening and fluid nature of glass with its complementary sharp and jagged qualities.

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