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Featuring Ann Robinson & Russell Moses

FHE has opened a new annex at 2 kitchener street. The space has been recently renovated in conjunction with award winning designer, Richard Naish. It was previously Tim Melville Galleries and now re-opens with a new identity as FHE PROJECT.

PROJECT: the dictionary defines the word as: 1. a proposal, scheme or design 2. a detailed study of a particular design 3. to propose or plan 4. to throw forward 5. to jut out 6. to make a prediction based on known data and observations 7. to transport in the imagination 8. To cause a image to appear on the surface 9. to cause one's voice to be heard clearly at a distance. It is our intention to explore and illustrate all of these components.

The opening exhibition features new installations by Dunedin based artist, Russell Moses. These works are from a series entitled "the Titirangi Suite"which responds directly to Colin McCahon's works from his Titirangi years. In this collection of Meticulous, painterly installions Moses revisits and revives McCahon's works; capturing and reflecting the myriad aspects of light and landscape. Jodie Dalgleish suggests that in this series Moses offers 'what McCahon himself searched for throughout his Titirangi years: a way to hold an image of life-in-place together and free the imagination, to let that image expand and take on a life of its own."

Also features in FHE PROJECT this month is a new form by one of the world's leading glass artist Ann Robinson. This work is a sublime example of Robinson's perfected casting technique. As part of a new direction it also marks an exciting departure from her previous organic vessels, illustrating a sophisticated exploration of geometric forms.

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