Iain Cheesman


12 April - 14 May 2011

The Limiteds Series

"My art practice is sculpturally based. I select and combine materials in order to accentuate that which is fragile and temporary. These works are simple constructions of welded plastic. They are also schematics, appearing as 3 dimensional drawings that may offer a pathway from one place to another, or from one word to another shaped through personal association and recollection.

The work is poetic; it looks at loss and gain and becoming. The processes of entropy are always in the background, that is the realities of organisational failure and of loss of energy. Each piece is delicately constructe, like a fleeting thought always in the process of becoming something more. The limiteds appear in a form of transition, not just from word to object but more in the way they present themselves as expectant, wanting some form of emotional attention and interpretation.

They are in a way the 'try hards', the ugly attempting to be beautiful or the skeleton attempting to be more than the process of decay. Each structure's words attempt some form of act, be it self-loathing, self-satisfying or the most elegant of all the selfs, that of the soliloquy. When you catch them on their side their side view they look as though they are scrambled thoughts or a twisted mass of reinforcing steel, formless and silent. But when you stand to face then as you would a sign, the message is right there, right there..."

Iain Cheesman
January 2011

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