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Gary McMillan


9 May - 15 June 2012

FHE Project is pleased to present the first Auckland exhibition of new work by Gary McMillan. NOISE is presented in conjunction with The Quiet Earth - a retrospective of past works on display at The Film Archive from 3 May - 12 June.

NOISE features a collection of paintings, portraying a unique perspective of Auckland's urban landscape. The compositions are created in such a way as to extend the image beyond the picture frame,with the effect of illustrating a fleeting and apparently accidental moment in time. Time is something that seems to slow down while looking at McMillan's work, to the point of being eerily quiet and still. Justin Paton comments:

"The very meticulousness of McMillan's technique slows the passage of the gaze across the surface of his drawings and promotes a more meditative pace of looking"

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