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Emily Siddell


May 13 - June 20, 2008

Titled Inflorescence, the exhibition is primarily inspired by Emily's sub tropical garden. Melding together the Polynesian influence founded in her urban Auckland upbringing, a passionate love of the glass medium and an interest in domestic handicrafts such as crochet, weaving, knitting, and sewing, Siddell weaves, casts and incises ceramic, wire and glass to create enchanting flora and fauna works of delicate beauty.

"I have always loved collecting cuttings and seedlings from family and friends, planting them and watching them multiply, spreading out to fill spaces with their intricate patterns. I have always had a desire to collect and assemble similar objects, fascinated by the patterns and shapes these objects create in unity, the relationship of objects to each other and the stories they tell about our lives, the memento of a time or place or person."

In this series Emily continues to explore the properties of glass, "Over the past ten years I have engaged with the liquid qualities of glass. I have focused on producing works that capture the seemingly spontaneous moment of movement in the glass working process. I am interested in the light refracting aspect of this luscious material. Parallel to this exploration of glass I have gathered an understanding of many different traditional handcrafts. I have woven these threads together in much of my work." Here Emily combines these qualities with the yielding and delicate qualities of ceramic.

One work in particular, entitled: Inflorescence Clusters, exemplifies Emily's new stylistic development. Comprised of over two hundred individual pieces, Inflorescence Clusters is set to cover a six-meter wall.

Emily Siddell's works features in The Dowse, Auckland War Memorial Museum and Te Papa, Museum of New Zealand.

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