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Susanne Kerr


10 July - 31 August 2013

FHE Galleries and FHE PROJECT are proud to present the unfolding- an exhibition of new works by Susanne Kerr.

This stunningly detailed series engages with ideas of scale and transitional space- how the eye is drawn across a page by that which is either drawn or left untouched.

Within Kerr's works white space is used as both a pictorial device and as a subject. The surrounding depictions deal with the dichotomy between the physical and the metaphysical. Opposites are engaged - the innocuous with the sinister, the hidden with the revealed, the fragile and the strong, the twisted and the humorous.

Susanne's delicate and highly detailed paintings encourage the viewer to look deeply into these spaces in order to better understand what it is that unfolds before them. As Kerr states-

"I am intrigued and inspired by the physical and linguistic expressions that bind us to one another or keep us apart, and the spaces that are settings for or reminders of those interactions - spaces of crisis, deviance, exclusion, loss, love, confusion, and ignorance."

In conjunction with the unfolding, FHE PROJECT will showcase Transit - an exhibition of Susanne Kerr's key transitional works and inspirations that, although stand-alone, have formed and enhanced Kerr's identity as an artist.
Kerr will also be exhibiting at this year's Auckland Art Fair.

For further information, click here to be directed to the artist's website.

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