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Chris Charteris


26 July - 26 August 2011

TUMANAKO (hope) explores a new body of work by Chris Charteris. With a focus on unity and simplicity, Charteris projects an intimate understanding of nature and people through his sensitive crafting of natural materials. Charteris states:

"Nature is the most awesome artist. I try to capture some of its monumentality and recreate those experiences that are both solemn and re-affirming. This body of the work is especiall influenced by recent world events - even through the worst disaster there is still beauty and hope to be found."

As John Pule has commented on Chris Charteris' work:

"For Chris Charteris the past is not our to own, yet he keeps going back to it, as though it was a nation: because the past for this artist is the beginning of life. The past is steeped in imagery and meaning. It comes to Charteris as a loosely structured innovation, it is a lifeline to what he creates now, giving shape, energy and inspiration to his ideas and motivations to make art."

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