Artists Exhibition


September - October 2009

"The love that moves the sun and the other stars"
- Dante

I chanced upon this quote by Dante which inspired the idea for Believe. I had a specific criteria for each work in the show; that they excelled that they had an enduring beauty and that they had mystery. - FHE Galleries director, Kathlene Fogarty.

The show features works by photographers Marti Friedlander, Ans Westra, and Kieran Scott. Sculpture by Chris Bailey and Chris Charteris contemporary weaving by Te Ao Marama Ngarimu and new glass works by Ann Robinson and Elizabeth McClure.

And as in life, the past references the future - important ethnological pieces from Oceania, also shown, celebrate the guardian spirit figures whose advice was keenly sort. At a time when many are questioning what to believe in their continued presence offers optimism.

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