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Emily Siddell


October 20 - November 24, 2012

FHE Project is delighted to present Elapse - an exhibition of new works by Emily Siddell. Auckland born and bred (b. 1971), Siddell is one of New Zealand's most accomplished and innovative glass and ceramic artists. She has exhibited since 1990 in both solo and many group exhibitions and her works are held in many private collections and public institutions such as The Dowse, Auckland War Memorial Museum and The Museum of New Zealand - Te Papa Tongarewa.

In this new series, Siddell continues to explore and interpret the many possibilities of traditional adornment and its evolution as a contemporary sculptural object. Emily Siddell is inspired by the seasonal growth and cyclic changes in her sub tropical Auckland garden. This cyclic nature seen so clearly in the environment also parallels Siddell's interest in the idea of recurrence, which is apparent in fashion, costume and design across many cultures and throughout history. A universality that reveals a shared desire for the expression of aesthetics - the desire to bring grace to the functional.

"This work is inspired by my parent's garden.
I love the way, as spring approached,
The garden burst to life with fresh new leaves,
blossoms and Tui.

The beautiful plants my Mum planted and nurtured
all continued to grow even when she wasn't there.

The similarity between the earth's seasons and our cycle of life
seemed very apparent.
I saw a lot of similarities between the process of birth and the process of death
and this strong force of nature is evident in the garden.
I also saw the beauty in death
and this is what I wanted to capture with these works.

How beautiful and full of hope a fresh a new leaf is
and how beautiful and fragile a dead leaf floating from a tree
can also be.

I'm interested in the transformation in these works
and this echoes my interest in the transformation in the glass process.

With these glass works I am trying to capture some of the magical light
through the fresh spring growth.

The embroidered bag is a tribute to my Mum
and all the fabulous skills she passed to me.

The crochet leaf bag is for my Dad,
as a thank you for handing me a roll of fuse wire,
this sparked the idea for my wire bags."

Emily Siddell, October 2011

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