Artist Exhibition


November 9 - December, 2009

New works by:
Chris Bailey
Chris Charteris
Te Ao Marama Ngarimu
Emily Siddell

Chris Bailey
My works, such as Kumete acknowledges the migratory routes of the people of the Pacific. From as far away as Taiwan and Japan, cultural influences have traveled along migratory routes helping forge the Maori culture of today.

Hawaiki nui,
Hawaiki roa,
Hawaiki pamamao,
I rapua mai ratou,
ki te hi ika.
I puta mai, a Aotearoa nei.
He turanga waewae mo nga ira tangata.

From deep in the Pacific,
they came searching,
and pulled from the sea,
New Zealand - Aotearoa.
A standing place for mankind.

Chris Charteris
Exploration is my driving force. Exploration of the material. Exploration of form. Its all exploration of self.

Te Ao Marama Ngarimu
Makerewhatu (teardrops, falling heavenly)

Falling heavenly,
teardrops of rain,
shelter me my cape,
comforted within, Iam
embraced in your warmth.

Emily Siddell
In Collaboration with Sylvia Siddell and Stephen Bradbourne.

Memories of pressing leaves as a child with my mother and sister were re-ignited as I watched my son pressing specimens for a horticulture project. This work is inspired by the collecting of botanical specimens and continues the theme of collecting in my work. I'm also interested in families - plant families and families of objects - similar but not the same. The collaborative aspect of this work emphasises this idea of family.

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