Melanie Mills

Objects have a life of their own – sometimes I can show this in paintings

The engagement with objects and their properties is central to Mills' painting practise. Often working on to re-purposed boards Mills begins with the consideration between her intended subject and the dimensions of the frame.

Words don't mean much to my paintings - I'm more involved with the subjects, paint, brushes and supports. I think of my paintings as visual language.

Inspired by the modernist painters Mills intuitive use of colour and dynamic brushwork recalls masters such as McCahon. Though her subject matter is grounded in the real world the paintings become almost abstracted - Mills' painting style being "technical challenged", as she puts it, allows her to work closely with her medium rather than controlling it. This approach allows an alluring depth of feeling to emerge from the works. As with the best niave art Mills creates a vision of what is felt rather than what is seen.

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