Susanne Kerr

These works explore the idea of God and the afterlife as supernatural monitors and punishers for humankind, where human belief in them prevents violation of established moral codes. These codes are seen to assist in promoting cooperation and harmony among people but what happens when those who write the code and disseminate it follow a code unto their own? These works depict the sexualized person in religion and the contradictions between what is practiced with what those with 'god's voice' preach. In this series of paintings religious figures are grouped together performing ritual acts of sacrifice - scarification, nudity, humiliation, and finger-poking of injuries. These rituals, designed to establish in-group behavior and transmit a deep commitment and cooperation from both participants and observers, are performed whilst the cruciform reminds the figures that God looks on. There is an element of 'behind closed doors' to these scenes, and a sense that the figures knowingly flout the codes they are known to preach.

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