Opening Friday 29th October 5-7pm

New Zealand's leading glass artist, Ann Robinson (OBE) opens her new exhibition, Abundance, at FHE Galleries on October 29th.

Abundance showcases a new series of organic forms, derived from the seed pods of our native flax. The mastery of Ann's technique is evident throughout; from the intimate delicacy of small scale pieces to the imposing presence of large-scale works to her deep understanding of how light infuses the material to bring works to life.

"Glass changes with the light of day, it is not a static but a living thing. It is a wonderfully expressive material. LIght shifts reflect a change of mood in the work, making it magical to live with."

The flax pods develop in part from her appreciation of natural form. Recent works a logical progression from the shapesand forms of earlier vessels. Drawing inspiration from the local surroundings, Robinson celebrates New Zealand's naturally abundance.

"When I walk through the bush, I observe the detail very closely - the criss-cross of the Nikau, the way the flax rises up from its base. Something within us responds to the flow of rhythmic patterns, which we experience almost as music."