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Whare-wananga: House of Learning

FHE Galleries is pleased to share their collaboration in Peter Cooper's Bay of Island home, presented in Interiors Magazine February-March 2015.

Situated in New Zealand's Bay of Islands the Cooper residence is set amongst one of the most historically and culturally rich landscapes in the country.

The deeply rooted spirituality of the land, imbued with long history of both Aotearoa Maori and Pakeha European settlement, is woven through the structure of the house and its contents. Working with the owners and designers, gallery director and art-consultant Kathlene Fogarty created a "library concept" - creating beautiful spaces of artworks and artefacts which bring to life a holistic knowledge of place, history and peoples.

The Cooper's stunning collection of contemporary and historic New Zealand art (including pieces by Shane Cotton and Colin McCahon) together with stunning ethnographic and historic elements bring together an understanding of the land and culture as both developing and essential - "It's about preserving the land for future generations...If people walk in here and feel they go beyond themselves, then we've done our job".

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