Chris Bailey

Pou Tu Te Rangi

August, 2011

Kotahitanga-to be as one, Kia piritahi-to come together, Mahitahi-to work as one

Chris Bailey's commissioned work Pou Tu Te Rangi at Britomart beautifull translates its meaning as standing posts reaching for the heavens. The large scale Pou embodies their cultural function, standing outside the Pa to guard those within but standing so tall that Maori voyagers were able to navigate their way back home.

Chris continues to bring heritage art forms into the present context, laying down the Pou as a foundation of the Britomart complex. The Pou locates and guides the travelers in and out of Tamaki Makaurau. Sending them safely onto their next journey, Pou Tu Te Rangi carries Chris' message With good foundations and good intent, any achievement will last

*Pou Tu Te Rangi is located behind Britomart Transport Centre on Commerce Street. For more information on Britomart click on the following link.

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